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This is Not about Procrastination

While diamonds may be made under pressure- cue Kermit Procrastination memes- procrastination and the Bermuda Triangle of productivity isn’t a recommended method of tackling the upcoming exam period. However, neither is studying till you drop! Believe me, after 5 years surviving exams I’m now somewhat of an expert. So to craft up a study plan that won’t let fall off the face of the earth, here’s what you NEED TO KNOW:

Get some liquid courage for the gruelling ahead at GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest (16-17th June).

According to Cameron Holloway, a senior clinical researcher at the University of Oxford students who eat a balanced diet perform better. Just in time, Giraffe NZ Master Chef Simon Gault’s new Viaduct eatery is opening 15th June with a menu that boasts premium, local produce. And if you just can’t wait, check out the recently opened Hugo Bistro from the couple behind Odettes Eatery for brunch.

Multiple scientific studies referenced in ‘How Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power’  suggest that just 20 minutes of cardio can improve your learning and memory. So register for the upcoming Nike + Run Club (14th and 21st June, 6pm) open to runners of all levels in Britomart. Or head over the bridge take part in a Lululemon Sunday Sweat Session (11th and 18th June, 8.30am) on Takapuna Beach. With these free events, there’s really no excuse!

Eating right and exercising aren’t the only things to consider in exam prep survival. In her book ‘Taking Charge of Your Learning: A Guide to College Success’ Diana Van Blerkom suggests taking time to relax in order to maintain motivation one exam after the other. Lucky for us Aotea Winter Playground- Ice Rink and Slide (16th June- 24th July) have organized $15 student skate nights on Tuesdays 6-10pm. Alternately watch the Lions tour games screened live @ The Culpeper with a Lions Tour Hot Dogs and Beer (3rd June- 8th July) for $30.

I guess what I’m trying to say is avoid crashing and burning by giving yourself a well deserved designated break with some of the cool things Auckland has to offer in June.

Good Luck and Happy Navigating!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect that of Chiasma’s as an organisation