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Are you aware and do you appreciate little moments around you?

Technology – a humongous term that contains various classifications and includes tons of innovations. Let’s consider a small part of these innovations that have evolved tremendously over the last decade – mobile phones.

When you are reading this, just take a moment and look around you. What percentage of people are busy socialising? How many of them are reading a book/studying? How many of them are laughing with friends? How many of them are playing Pokémon Go, Candy Crush or scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook. Okay, now let’s visualise travelling on the same route daily via bus. It can be boring – have you ever thought WHY? How about taking some time to appreciate nature and what is happening around you?

Save your phone battery and take a look outside at the warming, welcoming sun – watch it rise. Don’t you feel like thanking God for keeping you alive to see this new day? The feeling of “passion”, when you watch a cyclist training with an intense expression on their face. Now that’s an early morning motivation, isn’t it? From a political billboard that makes you say “Hmmm, that make sense” to a blatant advert where you think “Ah, that’s nonsense”. From looking at a puppy and going “Awww” to taking photos with friends or a “selfie”. Why not keep it natural and classy at the same time rather than Photoshopping and making it trashy?

At some point this small part of technology is moving the future generation to a new place where being antisocial is the norm. At the age of eight, we were given a colouring book and were asked to fill it in with colors of our choice and imagination. Today, an eight year old has an iPhone 6. At the age of fifteen we were asked to play and learn new sports. Today, a fifteen year old is busy updating their Facebook status, uploading a picture with the caption “#atbballcourt”. How much of it do they actually play? This is when Mother chimes in with an exasperated sigh: “This child I tell you, gosh!”

Even this is a matter to consider, looking around making sure that your kids know what it feels like to play with a group of friends and can appreciate real life moments.

I’m not saying that technology is “bad”, that you shouldn’t use Facebook, or that there shouldn’t be any change – change is inevitable. Just take a moment to see what’s around you, appreciate nature and real life moments. Keep life simple, balance every aspect of life, be happy and make others cheerful. Let’s live the real moments in life.