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University: How to get more than just a degree

Four years and $30,000 later, we end up with a single parchment that states our name and that of our degree. Some may get two degrees, others may leave the institute before graduation. Regardless of what the end result is, one can obtain so much more than just a qualification at university and these are some ways how:


1. Join clubs: The most cliched advice of all. But seriously, this is the best way to either learn a new skill or just meet some new people who could become life-long friends. It’s also a great way to pursue hobbies like diving, skiing and snowboarding for student friendly prices.


2. Apply for a leadership position: Once you leave university, it’s your soft skills that help you outshine the rest of the competition. By becoming a class representative, running for student council or becoming part of an executive committee, you learn to motivate yourself and develop other valuable skills along the way.


3. Go on exchange! Pay your fees at your home university, and experience life as a student somewhere else in the world! Not only will you make some amazing memories and friends, but the experience of adapting to a new culture is an invaluable one.


4. Take part in competitions: There are so many different cases, competitions and challenges you can get involved in, you never know what you could win. If commerce is your thing, the Management Consulting Club holds an array of business case competitions throughout the year. If you’re an engineering student, the faculty and student clubs have many competitive events like the Zome competition, ChallENG and IEEE Hackathon. For something more chilled, you can form a team for one of the many pub quizzes held on campus.


5. Socialise more: Most people over the age of thirty will agree that university is the ideal time to socialise and expand your social circle. Everyone you met is roughly the same age as you and most people are approachable and friendly. Opportunities to make life-long friends and relationships rarely get as good as this.

Cherish these golden years and university, and definitely make the most of it while you can. There is a lot of things you learn in your courses, but the main lessons come from outside the lecture room. You may not just graduate with life long friends, but perhaps a significant other too.