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The Lamb

So I’ve just had a quick read through all the previously written blogs down the pages and archives of journals written by inspirational students striving for better and greater things for their careers and lives. What I read was quite compelling; eons of inspiring stories, wisdom, and achievements accumulated throughout the years for the occasional reader to take comfort, motivation, and ambition. I realised that the common theme of the blogs had set a high standard; one that can only be matched by original ideas rather than the ordinary “inspiration from celebrity sports players” I would have written had I not wanted to be different from everyone else. Sometimes there comes a time when the norm is broken, in spite of the backlash, retaliation, silence, that follows. But those moments must be lived for good or for worse, for pleasure or for pain. Here we go; and it’s live.

I’ve found that in today’s big society; a lot of us are focused on getting well paid jobs and prestigious careers for status and pleasure. It’s fair to say those prospects are quite far from my current reach. That obviously isn’t a good feeling, especially when I once had that verve, ambition that had ironically attracted the ire out of many others. Although I probably won’t work for a well reputed company or acquire a lot of wealth or worldly status, I know I won’t ever regret caring about the lives and hearts of my genuine friends, who although are few in number, are people I would and will always choose over money, social status, and human approval. This will be my only blog for this year. Knowing this, I will speak about things we should all consider seeking as we live out our lives.

I just wanted to tell you that we are all loved. We are all valued and accepted. It’s just that we need to look for that unconditional love and listen intently to those who tell us about it. I just wanted to tell you all that our own ambitions and life goals here on Earth are not the only things we should consider seeking. They were, and are not meant to be the centre of our lives. Those things only last for a lifetime, and will subside after that finishes. One thing I would urge you to do would be to respect, love, and forgive one another as people, because that impact is eternal and it gives us a forever in our numbered years. One of my high school teachers once told me, “When you turn 45, you will find out that life is all about people”. I just wanted to tell you to consider and remember this as you go about your life.

I mean, there are already so many people who give you so much on how to advance in life and in professional prospects. So I simply wanted to write about things that not many others would write, yet could do a little more for others and for the world around us. I don’t think the riches and status some of us will have in the future would be enjoyable to live with if we only want to be with those who are like-minded. Life would never be worth living if we despised other people and chased our own desires all day.

Regardless of what you want in life, being compassionate for others can make a positive difference to everyone. I just hope everyone who reads this will eventually find truth in their lives and find love, grace, and mercy; all of which is out there for us. All we need to do to receive this is to simply accept and trust in it and its one true source.