In Search of Better Ideals

There is a certain sadness residing in all of us that never disappears; the sorrow of unfulfillment.  Our hearts constantly remind us of the dreams we stopped chasing – the hopes we once had – yet we do not pursue them because we know suffering and difficulty awaits. But why are most of us content with mediocrity? We live in a society of excessive comfort where very few have the drive to deliver real changes. Through many agonising ventures, I have  spent the last year exploring common problems in New Zealand and other First World Countries and will share some of my thoughts.

Networking 101

Networking events: a combination of potentially awkward, inauthentic conversations that could leave you questioning whether or not you suffer from social anxiety. Sound familiar? If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Most people are uncomfortable walking into a room full of strangers, yet by not doing so; you limit your own opportunities. Networking isn’t only…

Experience, experience, where art thou experience?

Having been studying for four and a half years now (almost done!), the word “experience” has been hammered into my head many times until I lost count and grew tired of hearing it. The importance of it was not understood until around the middle of my undergraduate degree, which I always think was considered late. Once I realized grades do not matter without experience, frantic searches for work and proof of credibility that I can put in my CV were what transpired.

De-Stress Your Life

With exams rapidly approaching and the semester no doubt heating up for everyone out there, the pressure is building. It is at this point where for most people, the stress starts to set in. Those two essays and a lab report due in Week 11 seem to mock you from your wall planner, the questions…