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Creativity is something that is usually thought of as an abstract concept. Some people believe that it is a talent that only certain people have. I think that creativity is much more than that and we should use it to our advantage in our daily life.

Project Slow-Yo

Somebody once said that everything looks cooler in slow motion. So I put that to the test.

Discovering Chiasma’s Workshops

We all know that Chiasma has some really good events where you can network with students and industry members alike, but what some of you may not know is that Chiasma puts on some really good workshops too.

Integration, not segregation

The tenth annual Chiasma Launch was a rousing event – Joerg Kistler spoke of the importance of collaboration between the industry and academia in order to propel New Zealand’s growth as an intellectual powerhouse. We have the talent, but the link – the ‘chiasma’ so to speak, needs to be strengthened.

A World Beyond Study

At the end of last year I was approaching the mid way point of my degree. Many of my friends were finishing university and moving out in to the “real” world and getting “real” jobs, while I was left contemplating another two years of assignments, labs and exams.

The War Raging on Vaccination

The war between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers is rife and it astonishes me, that despite all the independent, peer-reviewed research that has been published over the years, there continues to be a fear of vaccination, a trend that seems to be increasing.