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Just Do It

For the rest of the yet-to-graduate-and-dress-up-like-Harry-Potter students out there, you can achieve everything that the bright hooded death eaters have, that and more. And I don’t mean this in a cheesy ‘grandma believes in you’ kind of way.

Chiasma Connect

What we achieve in our life is not only the result of our hard work and effort, but is also strongly supported by the motivation, guidance and support of our friends and family. But what would happen if we also got encouraged, moulded and supported by someone from our industry, someone that is working in the field that we want to approach and has the experience and connections that we need to get started? The results may surprise you.

In Search of Better Ideals

There is a certain sadness residing in all of us that never disappears; the sorrow of unfulfillment.  Our hearts constantly remind us of the dreams we stopped chasing – the hopes we once had – yet we do not pursue them because we know suffering and difficulty awaits. But why are most of us content with mediocrity? We live in a society of excessive comfort where very few have the drive to deliver real changes. Through many agonising ventures, I have  spent the last year exploring common problems in New Zealand and other First World Countries and will share some of my thoughts.

Why is that gorilla you have been hearing about so popular?

For those of you who haven’t heard about the tale of Harambe yet, on the afternoon of May 28th  this year at the Cincinnati Zoo in the state of Ohio, a 17 year old male gorilla named Harambe was shot to death after an unsupervised boy fell into his enclosure.

Are you aware and do you appreciate little moments around you?

When you are reading this, just take a moment and look around you. What percentage of people are busy socialising? How many of them are reading a book/studying? How many of them are laughing with friends? How many of them are playing Pokémon Go, Candy Crush or scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook.

First-hand Encounter with Environmental Pollution

As an international student, I travel back to Taiwan from time to time whenever I am free from university, which is usually twice a year.  I am cognisant of the fact that the temperature has been increasing every year, but staying indoors with the air conditioning on was just a convenient method to remain coolly ignorant of the problem.