Wellington Team

Chiasma Wellington is the capital branch of a national student-led non-profit organisation that fosters connections between university students and the science and technology industries in New Zealand. As the capitol branch of Chiasma we cultivate strong relationships with Science Ministries and the many Crown Research Institutes in the greater Wellington region. We nurture science innovation, entrepreneurship and inter-disciplinary networking by hosting networking events throughout the year. We hold regular “Career Catalyst” workshops for additional skills. We want our student members to become confident, industry-savvy scientists with a wealth of industry and inter-disciplinary contacts.


Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Marketing Lead
Rory Besaans
Lingyu Li
Raaghav Thakrar
Trenton Doyle


Callaghan Innovation


From our sponsor:

Our goal is to accelerate commercialisation of innovation in New Zealand firms.

We create and deliver innovative products and services that enable businesses to invest more in research, science, engineering, technology and design, so that they can be more successful in the global market.

When we succeed, all New Zealanders will benefit from a stronger economy, higher value exports, more productive and sustainable resource use, more jobs and higher incomes.

Our focus is to deliver products and services that:

  1. Motivate industry and individuals to innovate through inspiring information, training, advice and funding
  2. Connect industry with innovation ideas, opportunities, partners, expertise and solutions
  3. Deliver project management resources and the expertise required for high priority innovation opportunities

Visit us at http://home/runcloud/webapps/chiasma.callaghaninnovation.govt.nz/

Sponsors - Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington


Victoria University of Wellington has a unique and proud history as a world-ranked capital city university.

Our connections and influence—both here and overseas—are strengthened by this capital city status, providing opportunities for staff and students internationally, and helping us take New Zealand’s perspective to the world.

Through excellent teaching, research, scholarship, public service and entrepreneurship, we are committed to shaping New Zealand’s national identity and to fostering a better world. We are here to lead thinking on the major questions confronting New Zealanders.

Central to our mission is the cultivation of creative capital—the capacity of individuals and communities to imagine—to express new possibilities through creative activity. This is the genius behind art, music and writing. It is also the curiosity and insight that finds new solutions to complex social and environmental issues. It is the entrepreneurship that establishes new businesses. It is leadership, innovation and inspiration.

The quality of a university’s staff and students determines its success. At Victoria, our teachers are committed to developing the knowledge, competencies and personal attributes of their students, with an eye to their future. For students, the quality and the relevance of your experience at Victoria and the career opportunities that result will be second to none.

Visit them at http://home/runcloud/webapps/chiasma.victoria.ac.nz/

University of Auckland: Auckland Bioengineering Institute


The primary goal of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute is to develop anatomically and biophysically based mathematical models for all aspects of human physiology from genes to whole organs, together with the experimental techniques and instrumentation required to measure cell and tissue properties and perform model validation experiments. The understanding of biological function gained through these models is applied to medical diagnosis, drug discovery and medical device manufacture.

Visit them at http://home/runcloud/webapps/chiasma.abi.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/

The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology


The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is a national network of leading New Zealand scientists. The institute leverages strengths across the country and internationally, working collaboratively utilising a programme-based approach to undertake harder, higher level research that drives innovation and economic growth in and for relevant New Zealand industries.

While the Institute is hosted by Victoria University of Wellington, our Investigators work throughout New Zealand. Named after Alan MacDiarmid, whose curiosity and determination saw him awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the MacDiarmid Institute was New Zealand’s first Centre of Research Excellence.

Visit them at http://home/runcloud/webapps/chiasma.macdiarmid.ac.nz/

Grow Wellington


Grow Wellington is the economic development agency working to accelerate economic growth in the Wellington region and make it more internationally competitive.

Our focus is on building business capability and growing sector scale along with attracting business, investment, talent and students to the region. We are the delivery agency for the Wellington Regional Strategy.

Boosting innovation, developing our workforce and working towards building strong ecosystems underpins all of Grow Wellington’s activities. We are targeted in our approach, working with businesses with the desire to export, innovate and grow.

Visit them at http://home/runcloud/webapps/chiasma.growwellington.co.nz/page/home.aspx